IREMA´s Expertise

Latest Development: 3-layer design for Hybrid filters
For our newest product innovation "Hybrid filters", we utilize our most recent 3-layer design. By the combination of different fiber types, we can create filter media showing a progressive 3-dimensional layered structure, which means each layer features its own characteristics:

1st layer: prefilter layer to reach relevant dust holding capacities
2nd layer: proprietary technology for more filtration efficiency
3rd layer: fine dust filtration to capture smallest particles

Research & Development: Synthetic Filter Media
A large part of our R&D work is dedicated to the specific design of filter media. This is reflected by a great number of patented processes and products. The specific manufacturing technology for our filter media enables us to flexibly design filter media out of coarse, fine and ultrafine fibers. Based on this worldwide unique 3D-design IREMA´s filter media feature a very high level regarding usage of its excellent  filter media characteristics per unit area.

Advantages of Synthetic Filter Media
The advantages, which polypropylene (PP) features as the basic material for practical applications within filter products, are numerous. IREMA´s products are deployed worldwide in all industries, which benefit within their specific application areas from the usage of high-class synthetic filter media. The market share achieved by our products is still growing in segments, where specific qualities like humidity resistance, microbial inertness, stability and environmental friendliness are required together with above-average benchmarks.

Synthetic endless fibers are – in contrary to glass fiber media – unbreakable and wear-resistant, no fiber shedding appears. Glass fiber media are suspected of damaging the human lung by inhaling released fine glass particles, therefore being capable of causing cancer.

Machine Technology
IREMA-Filter belongs to the most well-known manufacturers of synthetic filter media worldwide regarding technical innovations. Our products are exclusively manufactured on production machines designed and built in-house. Our systems are highly automated, which leads to - especially in cases of producing big volumes or great numbers - an excellent price-performance ratio.
The widespread technology know-how enables us to react quickly during operation of the machines. Comprehensive quality controls guarantee the observation of product specifications and our own high standards.

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