Our Story of Success

1975 Inge and Reinhard Jung found IREMA as a trade in Nuremberg (Bavaria). Germany
Production of bacteria filters/surgical face masks, surgical drapes, gowns and head gears for operating theaters.
1980 About 30 km south-east of Nuremberg IREMA purchases real estate to build a new company building in the Postbauer-Heng municipality.
1987 Shop floor and number of machines are enlarged.
1995 IREMA starts to manufacture industrial filter media for air conditioning systems.
1997 Start of production of filter media for cabin air filters. Within only a few years IREMA belongs to the most important suppliers in this industry.
2002 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
2007 IREMA launches new media design through its "Integrated Nanofiber Technology".
2008 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
2010 Launch of filter media meeting filtration grade F7 tested and certified according to the new DIN EN 779:2012 (Ashrae 52.2, MERV13-A, Appendix J) in discharged condition, thus keeping up with glassfiber media in its technical  performance.
2012 Launch of filter media for filtration grades F8 and F9, also tested and certified according to DIN EN 779:2012 in discharged condition.

Launch of energy efficient filter media featuring low pressure drops and high dust holding capacities.

Launch of new compact filter design, a 3V-cell, tested and certified according to DIN EN 779:2012 and Ashrae 52.2.

In August IREMA´s founders Reinhard and Inge Jung hand the company over to their daughter Dr. Anke Jung representing now IREMA´s Chief Executive Officer.
At the same time Dr. Andreas Seeberger becomes appointed President of IREMA.


IREMA has designed a new energy efficient Eco 4000 series. Based on an unique and new developped technology, IREMA is able to bring highly efficient fibers into a synthetic filter media for exceptional service life.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 because of having implemented and using an Energy Management System.

Our new warehouse is taken into operation. By this new building we increase our warehouse capacities by 50% in order to serve our customers quickly and reliably with standard products.

2016 Hellmuth Kohlmann joins IREMA as a new managing director, in particular taking over international projects.

At the beginning of the year we take our new test laboratory into operation, including a test rig, designed and deployed in close collaboration with Fiatec. We can now carry out filter tests according to ISO 16890, EN 779 and Ashrae 52.2.

2018 Launch of a new generation of filter media and newly designed MiniPleats, tested and certified for ISO 16890.
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