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We are specialized on the manufacture of synthetic filter media, which we can flexibly design and produce through our proprietary production technology; correspondingly we are also able to implement specific customer requirements. At this our focus is to establish a target and solution oriented communication with our customers in order to find quick solutions. Our media portfolio comprises patented filter media for different filtration grades which either meet ISO 16890, EN 779 or Ashrae 52.2 standards.

Furthermore we focus on the steadily advancing requirements of our customers regarding product quality, well balanced price-performance-ratio and preferably short delivery times. We face these challenges successfully by constantly enhancing our production machines and quality monitoring. During production we can cut roll widths upon orders, which can be processed at customer´s site immediately after delivery. During the past years we designed and brought media into series not only for air filtration but also for liquid filtration applications.

Advantages of our 100% synthetic filter media:
- Excellent fiber stability
- Humidity-resistance
- Microbial inertness
- Chemical resistance against many substances
- No fiber shedding
- 100% incinerable
- Fire classification F1 according to DIN 53438

We manufacture filter media, which can be allocated to different product categories featuring the following characteristics:

out of micro fibers:
- Low pressure drop
- Excellently pleatable
- High stability
- According to DIN EN 779:2002
- For many standardized filtration applications

out of micro- and fine fibers ("Integrated Nanofiber Technology"):
- High efficiencies regarding capture of fine dust particles
- Excellent mechanical efficiency - also regarding liquid filtration
- Distinctly improved lifetime through 3D depth filtration
- Protection of fine fibers against mechanical damage
- According to DIN EN 779:2012
- For demanding filtration applications

out of electret fibers:
- According to ISO 16890
- Excellent efficiencies regarding capture of fine dust particles
- Outstanding air permeabilities
- Low pressure drops
- Excellent lifetimes
- Best dust holding capacities
- For high requirements regarding energy efficiency

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